Bodyshop Athletics offers various classes to appeal to the many different workout styles, body types, and physical abilities. Whether you’re interested in fat burning or muscle gaining Bodyshop Athletics has classes that are tailored to your personal fitness goals.


BODYSCULPT is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) class that is a workout that combines dynamic full-body movements and high-intensity intervals to elevate your heart rate and maximize results. Our HIIT class targets all muscle groups, providing a comprehensive full-body workout.

During the session, you can expect to experience a higher caloric burn due to the intense nature of the exercises. The combination of high-intensity intervals and full-body movements engages multiple muscle groups simultaneously, leading to an efficient and effective workout.

One of the key benefits of our HIIT class is the increased EPOC (excessive post-oxygen consumption) effect. This means that even after the class, your body continues to burn calories at an elevated rate. This extended calorie burn can last throughout the day, helping you achieve your fitness goals faster.


BODYSHAPE is a dynamic weight-lifting class where we prioritize strength building and perfecting technique. This workout is centered around compound movements, ensuring maximum muscle engagement and proper form. With acute attention to technique, you’ll learn how to perform exercises correctly and minimize the risk of injury. Push your limits in intense circuits, as we progressively increase weights to challenge your strength. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced lifter, this class will help you reach new levels of fitness and build a solid foundation for your weight-lifting journey.


BODYSHRED is an exhilarating core and conditioning interval that is a dynamic and result-driven workout! This high-intensity session combines a core and conditioning circuit with a variety of invigorating exercises. It is a carefully curated mix of running, plyometric, agility, core, and athletic movements to help you achieve a lean and ripped physique, just like the athlete you truly are.

During this class, you’ll experience the perfect fusion of cardiovascular endurance training and targeted core strengthening exercises. Our coaches will guide you through a series of challenging intervals, pushing your limits and maximizing your calorie burn. By incorporating explosive plyometric movements, you’ll enhance your power and agility, taking your athleticism to new heights.

The core component of the class will focus on sculpting and toning your midsection, helping you develop those coveted six-pack abs. We’ll engage your core muscles through a variety of exercises specifically designed to target and strengthen your abdominal region. By incorporating functional movements, you’ll improve your core stability, balance, and overall body control.