Coach Lindsey

Coach Lindsey has lived in Lexington for 22 years. She started at Bodyshop as a client in 2010 where she fell in love with fitness at that time and decided to leave the dental field behind in 2012 to become a personal trainer herself.

Bodyshop was her place to workout as a member because she loved the family atmosphere. She loved that her coaches took a personal interest in in her success; going as far as calling her up at 5:00 am to see where she was and she wants her clients to feel the same. Lindsey’s passion is in powerlifting and loves helping others find their strength.

Lindsey has 2 kids, Bryce 17 and Emmy 10 and 2 dogs Dug and Maple. Outside of training she loves to travel with her family, backpack in the mountains and read.

Group Classes & Personal Training