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Bodyshop Athletics is a fitness club that promotes a healthy lifestyle and will assist with meeting your fitness goals. We offer an abundance of opportunities to help you become the best version of YOU. Realizing that everyone has a different fitness goal is our specialty. Therefore, we know that every person needs a different style of working out. We believe that in order to perform to your utmost potential, you must be physically in shape, mentally focused, emotionally balanced, and spiritually sound. Bodyshop Athletics is here to balance these four aspects in your life through various activities. This includes personal training, group fitness and much more. So, check out our website for more information on our fitness club and athletic training services.

Men’s Morning Class

All fitness levels Welcome

Weights and Functional Training

First class January 9, 2023

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Corey Warner is the owner of Bodyshop Athletics. Corey started training with the Bodyshop when he was 13 years old and has been around it ever since. He began personal training in 2008 and began full time at the Bodyshop in 2013. Corey is a graduate from Toccoa Falls College, where he played baseball. Corey lead his team to 3 consecutive National Championships and was awarded Most Outstanding Player at the 2013 World Series. Corey married Sally Hendrix in October of 2013 and they have two children, Noah (4) and Ava (2). He is passionate about his work and loves helping people change their lives. Bodyshop is a way for him to impact others not just physically but mentally and spiritually as well. He says, “Bodyshop is not a place to just work and workout, it’s a family, a place to belong, and where I can live out God’s purpose for my life. Our Team


We believe in functional strength training methods to get fit and improve your life. Functional training works by exercising your muscles in similar ways to how you use them in everyday life. This type of workout leads to better muscle memory, increased balance and stability, and improved flexibility and coordination. We use top-of-the-line equipment such as dumbbells, resistance tubes, balance systems, and so on to target specific muscles and lead to individual fitness success.