Swim Team

Swimmers on the starting blocks at the beginning of a race

Bodyshop Athletics Club is home to variety of swim teams. There are two types of meets, exhibition meets (or b meets) are typically held on Mondays, with a few exceptions. These are developmental meets where any swimmer who wants can swim any stroke in order to work on technique or time. B meets are a good time for swimmers to practice their weaker strokes in a competitive environment without being disqualified.

Official meets for swim teams (or A meets) are those that are scored, timed, and judged and are typically held on Thursdays. These are the meets that count toward our team’s standing in the League. Swimmers are asked to sign up to participate in A meets in advance so that coaches are able to prepare. While our goal is to swim as many athletes as possible in the A meets, this is not always possible. Individual events for the A meets will be filled using the top 3 times for each event. Relays will be filled using a combination of top times and commitment. Relay swimmers will be based on whether the child can swim the stroke legally. Also, whether they have been consistent in attending practices.

Regular attendance at practice is vital to our team. We understand that this is summer league and families have other obligations such as vacations, camps and Vacation Bible School. Unless it is an emergency, it is important that you notify the coaches in advance if your child is not going to be attending practices. It’s at the coaches discretion if the child will swim at a meet if he or she has missed practices.

Prior to each A meet, a signup sheet will be posted (typically posted on Mondays for Thursday night meets). It is the swimmers’ responsibility to check their name on this list if they plan to swim the A meet. If a swimmer has not checked their name by noon on Wednesday, they will not be allowed to swim in the meet on Thursday. These deadlines are necessary for the coaches to be able to meet League deadlines for lineup submission.

Sign up for a swim team today! So, If you have any questions or comments, please contact our swim coaches at topspincoaches1@gmail.com, crosstrainingsports@gmail.com or emmascott1017@gmail.com.